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LICengineering is a leading design and consultancy company, working within the offshore and marine energy sector. 

Our company offers solutions within Oil and Gas Energy, Renewable Energy and Marine Civil Engineering. Combined with a strong effort towards R&D, LICengineering contributes to future standards of high quality for our industry.

LICengineering offers a wide range of services in all phases of a project ranging from conceptual design, detailed drawings, fabrication & installation, on-site inspection and in-service operations until decommissioning.


Principia and LIC Float into a Coupled Future

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Principia and LIC have launched a joint initiative, combining the complementary skillsets and geographical locations of both companies to offer the best global solutions possible for their clients. 

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CROWN project aims to reduce costs for offshore turbine foundations

Thursday, 22 March 2018

In a programme that could save large wind farms millions of pounds both in CAPEX and OPEX, advanced metallic coatings with potential self-healing properties are being developed that could lower the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE) significantly. Managed by LIC, the CROWN Project is a partnership of corrosion, manufacture, installation and modelling industry leaders dedicated to making costly, and difficult-to-fit sacrificial anodes that need bulky steel support structures, a thing of the past. LICengineering and LICenergy is looking at how the widespread use of tons of aluminium and steel, costing several tens of thousands of pounds per offshore turbine foundation. can be replaced by the large-scale use of self-healing TSA metallic coatings, explains Diego Cocco, Senior Structural Design Engineer at LICenergy.

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