Farewell to an offshore pioneer

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Blyth Offshore windfarm which was designed by LIC has been decommisioned. 

As of late april Blyth offshore windfarm was decommisioned and is no longer operational. The windfarm was installed in 2000 and has since powered 2000 homes every year.

This particular windfarm is special because it marked the beginning of the offshore renewable energy in the UK but it was also a catalyst for LICengineerings involvement in the offshore renewable industry.

The windfarm comprised the first two British offshore wind turbines in the 2 MW class placed in an unsheltered offshore environment.

LICengineering carried out design of the mono pile foundations including tower flange for the Vestas wind turbine, access and cable pull-in arrangements, as well as internal bulkheads in the piles.


Read about LIC's work and learn about the many aspects of designing and installing Blyth offshore windfarm here


Picture: Installation of Blyth offshore windfarm, summer of 2000