Digital Twin Showcased at Offshore Foundations Conference

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From the 9-11 July the 9th international offshore foundations conference took place in Bremen, Germany

LICengineering participated in this event with Hans Jørgen Riber, Head of Business Development at LIC, where he elaborated on our joint project with Akselos.

LICengineering and Akselos have developed a reduced based FE-tool for design and monitoring of offshore structures such as OWF Foundations. The FE tool is gives the ability to model all in One Model = Digital Twin, including complex joints, with CPU speed approximately 1000 times higher than conventional FEA, which makes it possible to perform real time analyses from on-line measured motions.

In combination with a novel Structural Integrity Monitoring system, based on Operational Modal Analyses developed by LIC, this makes an efficient Guardian tool for structural health monitoring and providing valuable information for lifetime extension.The system is tested on a offshore platform in the North Sea operated by a super major, and Hans Jørgen demonstrated how the Digital Guardian can provide the operator with health monitoring, to be used in the daily operation, for lifetime extension or in relation to due diligence etc.

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